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Why Muay Thai ?

Its Not All About Fighting

Muay Thai teaches you a lot more than fighting techniques. This ancient art form will also teach you important values that facilitate personal development in Life.
Life can get very hectic for most of us, that's why the Academy installs learning these principles and values from Muay Thai like Respect, Humility, Self-Discipline, Heart, Passion, Perseverance to accomplish any goals you set for yourself improving your personal and professional life.


Respect & Humility

Learn to respect yourself and those around you, treat everyone equally with dignity and consideration in both Muay Thai and life.
To show humility is to be humble, while having an appreciation of yourself, talents, skills, and virtues. You must practice, observe inner and outer self control / ego and appreciate the value others around you above yourself and not to do anything out of selfish ambition,


We all have a moral obligation to develop in ourselves self improving our capabilities, capacity, productivity, performance and conduct. A key part of Muay Thai being able to promote your discipline, showing positive feeling or actions towards others and the environment you may be in. Being able to constantly exhibit care, concern, and consideration for others needs or feelings through training and life.


Heart & Passion

Heart or passion are needed to succeed. You have to appreciate and love the journey that Muay Thai and life takes you. Motivating yourself to challenge yourself each and everyday of training and in life pushing yourself past your normal limitations, striving for better skills by practising with intent to become better on techniques and control which will increase physical and mental fitness, strength, and ability.


Overcoming challenges and obstacles is key in Muay Thai and life. Learn to be able to accept and cope with failures and knock backs in order to reach personal goals no matter what they are. In accepting that you will get hurt, feel defeated and sometimes lack motivation, in time you will see these not as failures and knock backs not as a defeat, but as challenge to learn from review and evaluate, progress, grow and be a success both in Muay Thai and in life.

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