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Become a Sponsor or Working Partner

As a community project growth of The Academy rely's very much on generous donations, sponsorship and funding from throughout the local community in Tower Hamlets.

We are looking for sponsors to help fund or support the growth of our Academy, and in return were offering multiple advertising opportunities throughout Tower Hamlets. From the smallest donation to full team sponsorship every little helps us become more accessible to people in the local community,

We are so grateful to everyone that has contributed and for what they helped us achieve over the years donating time, money, premises and much much more.

For more information please get in touch and we will happily answer any questions you may have about our on going projects.


Project Charity Status

Project Team Kit

Project Premises

2022 begins with The Team are working tirelessly to achieve charity registration, Not only establishing The Academy further into the Heart of Tower Hamlets, but also giving its members, sponsors and local community security and confidence in the our future.

With the expansion of the Academy and more members than ever In 2022 the Academy plans to update our Team kit.

We are looking for a local company we can work with to supply, manufacture, print  or simply Sponsor to help.

In return we are offering full advertisement opportunities throughout our Marketing,  Events  across Tower hamlets.

Over the years we have had the privilege of using some fantastic halls and studios in the community, The Academy's vision and goal is to create a training environment that is both secure and supported. Giving all our members greater access to training availability, specialised training equipment and support, embedding ourselves further into the local community, with our consistent growth and reputation now were looking for support to secures premises that could make this vision a reality.

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