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Fitness, Strength, Confidence, Self Defence, Community, Inclusion & Fun

Thai Boxing Fighters Academy aims to help all of our members achieve a healthier mindset & lifestyle. In order to reach this goal our classes promote integration & inclusiveness with a positive approach enabling you to get fitter and healthier in a safe & structured environment.
Take a look at what YOU can achieve by joining the Academy.


Burn Calories & Build Physical Strength Effectively

Muay Thai training is tough!
Each session lasts 2 hours and incorporates multiple rounds of cardio, stamina & conditioning exercises.
For anyone looking to burn calories Muay Thai is one of the few sports that offers the right exercise that can burn around 680 calories a class. 
Training Muay Thai regularly will improve overall fitness, toning & strengthening the  mind and body.

Build Self Confidence, Mental Strength & Learn Self Defence

As you learn methods of self defence, you will be boosting your immune system, improving mental strength and ability. Muay Thai will help you learn to become more self disciplined, focused, self assured, self aware and confident, helping to relieve stress and improve your mental well-being. 
To get the best from Muay Thai it takes a commitment to train regularly, Be consistent and you will get better at it. The beginning is always the hardest but if you push yourself, your mind will get stronger too. Regardless of what you do, mental toughness can help you handle and manage any challenges in life. Muay Thai will give you the positive reinforcement you need to make big lifestyle changes.

Team Pic

Be Part of A Team & Have Fun

There is always a strong sense of Team at The Academy.
A common interest in learning Muay Thai helps everyone working towards shared goals of self-betterment.
Most importantly this is time for YOU.
Muay Thai is intense, but be consistent and be motivated to better yourself its also fun to learn, relax and enjoy it. 
Follow our grading syllabus, & participate in training courses available through Tower Hamlets Council & other Local Services helping your personal development.
Monthly meetings are held where all members are encouraged to share thoughts & views to shape the future of the Academy.
Whether for recreation or fitness & well-being, Muay Thai is an ideal activity that is fun and fulfilling.

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